Saprissa Lives More Than Ever & Sees The Ticket In Front!

Morados triumphed 1-0 over Sporting and reached 31 units, the same points as San Carlos, but the northerners with one less game Jimmy Marín was in charge of scoring the target with which Saprissa beat Sporting!

Saprissa did. The purple team, directed by Jeaustin Campos, is experiencing a moment in which it has shown that it is more alive than ever, in fact, today it sees the ticket head-on and has already tied San Carlos in points and surpassed Sporting by one; the other two teams that will take the definition of the last quota to the semifinals to the end.

The Tibaseño team suffered, fought, and even acted desperately to achieve victory. He did it with a goal in the 80th minute, an inconspicuous football, but in the end, it gave him the result thanks to more desire than showy plays.

Jeaustin Campos had no qualms about risking as much as he could. The strategist included Kendall Waston as his center forward with 30 minutes remaining in the duel, because there was no other way to open the lock imposed by José Giacone.

With Waston on the field, the S began to throw balls into the opponent’s area, all the balls went to the heights, until one fought by the lanky athlete was left to Jimmy Marín, who with a right hand split the frame in two and drove the ball crazy. Ricardo Saprissa.

Before Kendall’s entry, the game had cost Saprissa too much. The purples did not have clear occasions and their offensives were easily rejected by the Josefina defense.

Mariano Torres looked for him from a long distance, also through fixed tactics; Jimmy Marín opted for individuality, but always after leaving one or two marks he ran into a defender head-on. The Monster could not find the way to the goal and agonized with each passing minute until Waston arrived to give the squad a different variant.

Sporting, meanwhile, tried to prevent a goal from being scored. José Giacone’s team was ordered behind, strong; but without clear ideas to find something that would calm the momentum of an opponent excited by a string of four victories and that has already reached five.

The white and black were indeed a team that dominated the tibaseños in the last 10 minutes when they already had the water in their throats. Sporting began to throw aerial balls, opened the court, and locked up the rivals; but it was too late.

The tension reached the last breath because the last two plays of the commitment were for Sporting. Two fixed tactics were wasted.

Jeaustin Campos closed his fingers, formed a fist in his hands, looked back at the audience, and raised his hands. Saprissa is already tied in points for fourth place (San Carlos); with one more match.

The illusion of the 36-time national champions is more alive than ever, the players look strong in mentality and although football did not accompany them against Sporting, they gave a good blow by showing that with desire they can maintain hope.

Now, Saprissa will have to close the championship against a team with no aspirations: Greece.

The purples will fight to reach the shore with the sighs that they have managed to lengthen for five days, but they still depend on San Carlos running into Alajuelense and also not winning against Sporting, on Sunday. Beware that Sporting also continues with possibilities.

If the northerners beat Alajuelense this Thursday, the panorama will be more complex, because the Bulls with a point on the last day will be unattainable for the Monster. Saprissa continues without depending on himself, but he continues more alive than ever and sees the ticket head-on.

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