Privacy Policy

When you use, or interact with, a web page, a mobile application or other Digital Service (each one designated as  “Digital Service” ) operated by, or owned by, Ca News times (hereinafter, “canewstimes” ), or when you fill out a paper form to subscribe to our magazines or other publications, participate in a contest or give us your data for an event (hereinafter “Paper Forms”), we and third parties collect certain information about you. In this highlights section, we provide an overview of our privacy practices related to Digital Services and Paper Forms. Please review our full Privacy Notice, set forth below, for a detailed explanation of our practices.

What information do we collect?

  • Information you provide when you use the Digital Services or request related content, products or services, including, for example, registering to receive newsletters, requesting subscriptions, or creating or registering an affiliation request through the Digital Services or through Paper Forms. This may include contact, payment or demographic information.
  • The information you submit when you choose to participate in a survey, sweepstakes, contest, promotion, event, or similar initiatives.
  • Information that you provide about other people, for example contact information for a friend when you request a gift subscription for him or her.
  • Information obtained through cookies and similar technologies. This information includes information about your device and your browser, including your IP address or the advertising identifiers of your mobile phone, as well as information about how you and other people use, interact with or respond to the Digital Services. This type of information gathering occurs while you are using a Digital Service or while the Digital Service is running in the background of your device. Our Cookie Policy contains detailed information about our use of cookies and similar technologies.
  • The precise location information of your device when location services are active.
  • Information that we obtain from other sources, such as business partners, data providers, and social media platforms.

More information on this link.

How we use the information and what are the legal bases for doing so

  • To process your requests or subscriptions and provide you with the Digital Services, including the delivery of personalized content or recommendations. Please note that we use your payment information (for example your credit card number or expiration date) for limited purposes, such as processing your transaction (including repetitive payments, if applicable), providing the products or services to you. requested and to protect our rights or the rights of third parties.
  • To obtain information about users of the Digital Services and to analyze how you and others interact with and respond to the Digital Services.
  • To communicate with you and send you marketing and promotional communications.
  • For advertising and marketing purposes, including the delivery of interest-based ads, for cross-linking of devices, and to analyze the results of advertising and marketing activities.
  • To protect our rights and the rights of third parties.
  • We process personal information for different purposes, on the following legal bases: to fulfill our contract with you, to defend our legitimate interests, to fulfill our legal obligations, as well as for other reasons, with your consent or at your direction. More information on the legal bases can be found here.

Other information about the way we use the information can be found here .

Who we share the information with

  • With the Hearst family of companies.
  • With service providers who provide services or conduct transactions on our behalf.
  • With advertisers, service providers related to advertising and marketing, as well as companies that help us understand how you and others interact with our content.
  • With social networks and similar services, including those you use when you interact with our Digital Services that integrate tools and services provided by social networks.
  • With business partners, as in the case where we partner with a third party to offer products or services in the case of a brand linking strategy.
  • With another party, when required by law or when necessary to protect our rights, and in the context of corporate transactions.
  • With your consent or, where appropriate, at your direction.

Your choices, including to unsubscribe from interest-based advertising and marketing communications

  • You can take steps to limit the use of your information for interest-based advertising on your browser or mobile device. More information
  • You can unsubscribe from our marketing or promotional emails by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link, or at the address [email protected]

Additional Information

  • We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.
  • Your data is erased when it is no longer necessary for legitimate business activity or for legal reasons.
  • We apply the appropriate security mechanisms to protect your data when it is transferred to, stored, or processed in a country that does not have data protection laws similar to those of the European Union or the United Kingdom.
  • The Digital Services are not intended to be used by children under 14 years of age.

Contact us

If you wish to ask questions about this Privacy Notice, you can contact us through the information indicated Email [email protected]


 This Privacy Notice describes the way in which Hearst España (identified in this notice as “we”, “our”, “our” or “Hearst”) obtains and processes personal information about you, how it uses and protects such information, and how it establishes what your rights are with regard to such information. This Privacy Notice is applicable to that personal information about you that we collect or process on the web pages, mobile applications or other Digital Services (each of them designated as “Digital Service” ) linked to this Privacy Notice or when you fill out a form on paper to subscribe to our magazines or other publications, participate in a contest or give us your data for an event (hereinafter  “Paper Forms”).

If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice or about our practices in relation to data, you have more information about the relevant business activities of Hearst, the specific publications for which they are responsible and the corresponding means of contact in the section ” Contact us ”, explained later.

This Privacy Notice describes the privacy practices only of Hearst and does not cover the practices of other companies, including those that advertise or sponsor the content, products or services incorporated in the Digital Services, as indicated in the section “With whom we share information ”, also discussed later.


When you use a Digital Service, we obtain various types of information related to you and your use of that Digital Service. This includes information that directly identifies you, for example, your name, address or contact information, as well as information regarding online identifiers and cookie data, which can identify you. The information we obtain generally consists of information (1) that you provide us about yourself, (2) that you provide us about others, (3) automatically obtained about your interactions with the Digital Services and our content and advertisements on websites, applications or other third-party media, and (4) obtained from other sources, as described below.

1. Information we collect directly from you

When you use certain parts of the Digital Services, we ask you for information about yourself. For example, to subscribe to one of our newsletters, you need to provide us with an email address. You may not be able to use certain features if you choose not to submit required information.

The information you provide us includes details such as:

  • Contact information (eg, name, email address, email address, or phone number).
  • Demographic, interest, or household information (eg, age, gender, or education).
  • Information about payments made in subscriptions or purchases made through the Digital Services (eg, credit card number, expiration date, and billing information).
  • Comments, photos, videos and other content or information that you choose to publish on the Digital Services or that you share with us in any other way.
  • Information that you provide when you participate in surveys, sweepstakes, contests, promotions (including information about your participation in activities that generate loyalty or reward points) or events.
  • Location information, including precise location information when you allow Digital Services to access the location of your device. To avoid obtaining information on the precise location of the device, please refer to the instructions provided by your mobile phone service provider or the manufacturer of your device.
  • Other information that you allow us to access through your device’s permission settings, such as your contacts or your address book.
  • Transactional and activity information (eg, requests, searches, or orders).

2. Information you provide about third parties

You may provide us with information about other people, for example the name and email address of a friend or contact with whom you are sharing an item, or the name and email address of the recipient of a gift subscription. You should not provide information about third parties, unless you are authorized to do so or these third parties have given you their permission. We will use your information for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice.

3. Information obtained automatically

The Digital Services automatically record certain information about visits to them, relating, for example, to the number and frequency of users, technical information about the browsers and devices used to access them, and information about malfunctions and other technical aspects. In addition, in accordance with the preferences expressed by you, we and other parties involved obtain, automatically and with automated means, certain information about your activities during the time you spend connected to the Digital Services or to third-party sites, applications or other means. . The tools that obtain this information vary in the different Digital Services and include technologies such as cookies, web beacons, tags, scripts, pixels,“Cookies and similar technologies” ).

The information obtained automatically includes the following aspects:

  • Information about your computer, device, browser and operating system (eg type, model or version).
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address, which can be used to find out your general geographic area (eg city or country).
  • Device identifiers (eg mobile advertising ID).
  • Information about your interactions with the Digital Services, including browsing activities and clickstream data (visit data) that reflects the content you have accessed, clicked on or visited.
  • Information about the way in which you have accessed the Digital Services, including details about the websites or applications that you have visited immediately before or after accessing a Digital Service.
  • Demographic, interest or household information.
  • Information about your interactions with email messages and other communications, such as whether you have opened or forwarded the email or if you have clicked on the links contained therein.

Some cookies and similar technologies assign or obtain specific cookie IDs associated with your browser or device. Cookies and similar technologies can obtain information while you are using our Digital Services or running them in the background of your device. More information about cookies and similar technologies used in Digital Services, including how to manage your preferences, is available in the section on our   Cookies Policy.

4. Information we obtain from other sources

We receive information about you from other sources and, in certain circumstances, we combine it with other information about you. For example, we can obtain data from:

  • Third-party site or app operators, content delivery channels and platforms (eg, Roku, Amazon Fire TV), voice-activated assistants (eg, Amazon Alexa, Google Home) or other devices and technologies when you interact with our content, products, services or advertisements available on those channels and platforms. The information we receive includes information about the content you visit or access, as well as your demographic information and your interests.
  • Third-party data providers, such as data aggregators, data resellers, public databases, and business partners. They all provide demographic information, information about your purchases, and information that helps us get to know you and other users of the Digital Services.
  • Social Media Platforms and Similar Services (“Social Media Platforms”). When you access our content or ads on social media platforms, or when you interact with Digital Services tools with content or features provided in turn by social media platforms (eg, when entering or registering for features or tools that allow you to share our content with others on social media platforms), we may obtain information from those social media platforms, including your username, user ID, and demographic information, subject to settings and practices. privacy of the corresponding platform. We can obtain this information directly from the platform or through add-ons (plug-ins), integrations or applications. Please note that the operators of social media platforms they also collect information about your use of the Digital Services and their features and tools. We are not responsible for their practices.



If you make a purchase or request an order through or in connection with a Digital Service or Paper Forms, we use payment information (e.g., your credit card number and expiration date) to process the transaction (including repetitive payments, if applicable), to provide you with requested products or services and to protect our rights or the rights of third parties, as indicated below.

For information about you other than payment information, we use such information:

1. To provide you with the Digital Services or Other Services that you request. This includes:

  • Processing of your requests in regards to Digital Services and our subscriptions, products or services, or your participation in a survey, sweepstakes, contest, promotion, event or similar initiatives.
  • Provision of customer service or technical support.
  • Personalized content, providing recommendations and improving the quality and your overall experience with the Digital Services, considering the maintenance of your preferences as a user in the most efficient way for the browser or the device you use to access the Digital Services.
  • Maintenance, operation, improvement and development of the Digital Services and related content, products or services, including the development of new products and features based on the interaction of users with the Digital Services.
  • Improved knowledge about users of Digital Services and analysis of the way in which you and others interact with and respond to Digital Services, including measurement and optimization of use, reliability and performance, development of market research, trend analysis and support of our operations (eg in terms of accounting, auditing, financing, legal issues and other aspects).

2. To communicate with you. This includes:

  • Sending informative messages about the Digital Services (eg, to confirm your subscription or notify you of changes in a Digital Service).
  • Sending marketing or promotional communications, including offers or promotions about products, services or other initiatives from us or from third parties.
  • Answer to your questions or satisfaction of your requests.
  • Communication with you in connection with surveys, sweepstakes, contests, promotions, or events.

3. For advertising and marketing purposes, including interest-based advertising.

Depending on your preferences, considering those referring to the use of cookies and similar technologies, it may include:

  • Development, management and execution of advertising and marketing campaigns, promotions and offers, such as those related to our content, products and services or to the products, services and other initiatives of third parties.
  • Interest-based advertising (also known as targeted or personalized advertising or advertisements) is based on your interests, inferred from your activities over time on the Digital Services and online services operated by third parties as well as information from other sources. Interest-based ads consist of text, image, animation or video ads and are delivered to you based on various factors, including the context of the site or application in which they appear (e.g. sports or travel sections) , the information that you have provided to the operator of the site or application (eg, when you created an account), your activities on the site or application (eg, pages visited, searches performed or open advertisements), and information just like your demographics,
    • We, our service providers or other involved parties, use automated means, including cookies and similar technologies on the Digital Services and third party sites, applications or other means to (a) obtain information for interest-based advertising or ( b) serve you interest-based advertisements. When you agree to the use of cookies and similar technologies on the Digital Services, specific identifiers may be associated with your device to support interest-based advertising.
    • The online and offline information we collect about you, including your personal information, is used by us for interest-based advertising purposes. We aggregate the information we collect to create audiences that are most likely to respond to ads based on demographic, interest and household information.
    • Interest-based advertisements may be delivered to you by third parties, such as ad networks or so-called ad exchanges.
    • You can take steps to limit the collection of information about you through cookies and similar technologies and the use of your information for interest-based advertising; These measures vary by web and mobile application environments and are browser and device specific. For more information on these options, see the section “Your options, including unsubscribing from marketing communications and interest-based advertisements”, included below, and our Cookies Policy .
    • Cross-linking of devices. If you access the Digital Services from multiple browsers or devices, we, our service providers and other involved parties may try to establish connections and link the different browsers and devices that you use to access the Digital Services and our content and advertisements published in other places in certain circumstances. This helps us to provide you with a continuous experience with the browsers and devices you use and to provide you with the most relevant content and advertisements (eg, so that we do not show you the same article twice). See our Cookie Policy to access information on the measures you can take to limit cross-linking of devices.
    • Analysis and measurement of the performance, effectiveness and reach of our advertising (including interest-based ads) and our marketing initiatives on the Digital Services and elsewhere.

4. To protect our rights or the rights of third parties. This includes:

  • Detection, prevention and response to fraud or potentially illegal activities, the incorrect use of Digital Services, infringements related to intellectual property or other violations of the law, this Privacy Notice, our Terms of use or others Hearst policies.
  • Carrying out inspections, evaluations and tests or activities aimed at solving problems.
  • Strengthening our systems (including disaster recovery measures) and improving the global security of Digital Services.
  • Fulfillment and execution of the applicable sectorial and legal requirements (including legal processes such as judgments, court orders and subpoenas) and fulfillment of the contractual obligations.


We process personal information for different purposes, on the following legal bases:

  • To fulfill contractual obligations towards you.We and our service providers process your information to fulfill our contractual obligations to you when we use your information to provide you with the Digital Services and related content, products or services and to communicate with you. For example, when you purchase one of our subscriptions, we process your payment and your contact information and other details in order to provide you with the support services you request. Likewise, we send you informative communications on this basis, including the confirmation of the subscription or the eventual notification of a change in a Digital Service. Failure to provide the required information could violate or delay the fulfillment of our contractual obligations.
  • To satisfy our legitimate interests.We process your information to fulfill our legitimate interests in using it to provide you with Digital Services and related content, products or services, to communicate with you, and for our advertising and marketing purposes. For example, our legitimate interests include the incorporation of improvements, personalization and knowledge of the way in which you interact with the Digital Services and related content, products or services, and the sending of communications about the products and services that we believe may be of interest to you. To satisfy our legitimate interests, we may share your information with our affiliates and branches, and our service providers and business partners (including advertising and marketing matters) and in the context of a corporate transaction. We maintain the relevant security measures to protect the information we process, ensuring the safeguarding of our legitimate interests.
  • To comply with our legal obligations. We process and share your information, to the extent necessary, in order to comply with our legal obligations when we use your information to protect our rights or the rights of third parties and when we share it with others, in cases where we do so. Required by law, or when necessary to protect our rights. For example, we are required to obtain certain information from you to process your payment for a subscription, for tax or financial control reasons.
  • With your consent. We obtain your consent to process your information when required by law. In relation to cookies and similar technologies, we obtain your consent as described in our  Cookies Policy . If consent is the legal basis on which we process your personal information, you can withdraw such consent at any time by contacting us as set out in the “Contact us” section below.


We share the information we collect with:

  1. Subsidiaries and branches. At the Hearst family of companies, we work closely with affiliates and branches, with whom we share your information when necessary or appropriate for the operation of the Digital Services.
  2. Service providers. In connection with the operation and provision of Digital Services and Paper Forms, and the satisfaction of requests for our products or services, we rely on third parties to offer services or manage transactions on our behalf, for example with regard to to payment processing, email distribution, list processing, postal mail, cloud computing, analytics, performance measurements of digital content or paper subscriptions, ad service and management of sweepstakes, contests, promotions or events. These service providers use the information we provide to them as they deem necessary or appropriate for the provision of their services.
  3. Advertisers, advertising and marketing related service providers. At times, we provide your information to advertisers, advertising agencies, ad networks, advertising exchanges, marketing companies, technology marketers, and other entities that create, deploy, and analyze advertising or marketing campaigns, including those that incorporate interest-based ads. .
  4. Social networks. If you interact with social media widgets, share content on social media or access features of the Digital Services with content or features provided by social media, these platforms obtain information. It is recommended that you review the privacy guidelines of the social media platforms with which you interact, in order to understand their privacy practices, which we do not control.
  5. Business partners. In certain circumstances, we provide information about you to business partners, including, without limitation, joint marketing partners, content sponsors, or event organizers, for various purposes. For example, we may partner with another entity to offer products on the basis of brand linking, co-sponsoring or co-promotion strategies, which involve information sharing. These initiatives take place in the Digital Services or in other media. The participation of a business partner in a certain initiative is communicated to you by including the products, services or brands of the corresponding business partner.
  6. Other parties when required by law or when necessary to protect our rights. We share your information when we consider it necessary or appropriate to protect, enforce or defend our legal rights, the privacy or security of our employees, users of the Digital Services, or other persons and entities or to comply with or enforce industry standards. , laws or legal procedures, such as judgments, court orders and subpoenas, and other requirements of public and governmental authorities.
  7. Corporate transactions. We may transfer any information we have about you to proceed with the consideration, negotiation or termination of a sale or transfer of all or part of our business or assets to a third party, in the event of a merger, acquisition or other corporate operation, or in related to a bankruptcy reorganization, dissolution or liquidation.
  8. With your consent or otherwise at your direction. On the other hand, we share your information with third parties when you give your consent to do so or request that we do so.

Since we operate as part of a global entity, the recipients of the information mentioned above will sometimes be located outside the jurisdiction in which you are located (or in which we provide the Digital Services or Other Services). For more information see the section “International data transfer”, below.


In certain circumstances, you have the right to access or object to the use of personal information held about you (including that related to direct marketing). You can also instruct us to rectify, update, delete, limit or share with another company, in an appropriate format, your information. Such requests are regulated by the relevant legal framework.

Do not hesitate to contact us to correct your information if it changes, or if the personal information we have about you is inaccurate.

If you wish to analyze or exercise such rights, please contact us as established in the “Contact us” section below. We will contact you if we need additional information to fulfill your requests.


Drop from direct marketing

  1. Email marketing. You can unsubscribe from receiving marketing or promotional emails sent by us or by third parties (in cases where you have chosen to receive third-party communications and other types of communications from us, as established by law), by clicking in the “unsubscribe” link contained in these emails. Please note that if you unsubscribe from receiving marketing or promotional emails, we will continue to send you emails regarding transactions or other communications related to your use of the Digital Services (e.g., to confirm your subscription, to inform you of changes to a Digital Service or in response to your password recovery request).
  2. Text message marketing. If at any time you have chosen to participate in a text message marketing campaign or promotion offered in connection with a Digital Service or Other Service, you can unsubscribe from receiving further text messages by following the instructions contained in those messages ( eg, by typing the word STOP or BAJA), or in the instructions that were given to you at the time you agreed to receive text message marketing.
  3. Direct mail. If you choose to receive offers by postal mail related to a Digital Service (provided that this option is required under the relevant legal order), you can request that we stop sending offers by postal mail, by notifying your request in writing at the address specified below, in the “Contact us” section. Please indicate in the correspondence the name of the Digital Service, Other Service or publication to which your request refers.
  4. Third party marketing. We provide your contact information to third parties, to be used for their own marketing purposes, where you have given us your consent to do so. If you wish to withdraw your consent to the sharing in the future, you can notify us in writing at the address specified below, in the “Contact us” section. Please indicate in the correspondence the name of the Digital Service, Other Service or publication to which your request refers.
  5. Offers with linked brands, co-sponsorship or co-promotion with business partners. If at any time you choose to participate in a linked brand offers, co-sponsorship or co-promotion campaign, the sponsor or other business partners involved in such offers may use the information about you for their own purposes, including those related to advertising and marketing, at in line with our business partner privacy policy. To exercise your unsubscribe options in relation to the use made by the business partner of your information, you must contact him directly.


Unsubscribe from interest-based ads

Depending on your preferences regarding the use of Cookies and similar technologies, the advertisements you receive on the Digital Services may be interest- based advertisements . This means that these advertisements are personalized based on the information that we and others collect about you and that they involve the use of cookies and similar technologies. In our  Cookies PolicyWe indicate the measures you can take to limit the monitoring of your activities and the delivery of interest-based advertisements in the browsers and mobile applications that you use to access the Digital Services. Please note that even if you unsubscribe from interest-based ads, you will continue to receive ads, although they are not based on your interests or preferences. On the other hand, if you adopt the measures indicated in the Cookies Policy, certain automatic means will still be used to obtain information about your interactions with the Digital Services for the other purposes described in this Privacy Notice (eg, remembering the user preferences or activate a specific functionality).

The technologies used to deliver advertisements on the websites and mobile applications are diverse. Also note that the “unsubscribe” links are specific to different browsers and devices.

Additional options

  1. Device configuration settings. In the corresponding Digital Services, you can review and adjust your preferences by updating the configuration of your device (eg, allowing us to obtain precise information about your location).
  2. Push notifications. If push notifications for a certain Digital Service are enabled on your device, you can review and update your preferences about them by adjusting your device settings. For example, you can select the relevant application under “Notifications” (for iOS devices) or “Notifications App” (for Android devices) and turn off alerts accordingly.



We use a variety of technologies and procedures to help protect information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

We will keep your information for as long as we have a relationship with you. Once said relationship ends, we will retain such personal information for a period that allows us to:

  • Maintain commercial records for analysis, study of market trends and / or inspection measures and improve our Digital Services.
  • Comply with record keeping obligations under relevant laws, or other relevant legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Defend, raise, exercise or analyze existing or potential legal actions.
  • Develop fraud detection and prevention actions.
  • Address any claim related to Digital Services and other products and services.

We will cancel your personal information when it is no longer necessary for this purpose. If there is any information that, for technical reasons, we are not able to erase from our systems, we will enable the appropriate measures to prevent any further processing or use of the data.


In certain circumstances, your personal information may be transferred to, stored and processed in countries other than the European Union and the United Kingdom, which do not have data protection laws similar to those of the European Union or the United Kingdom.

In such circumstances, we will enable the relevant security mechanisms to protect your data, including contractual commitments. For more information about these mechanisms, contact us by the means detailed below.


The Digital Services are not intended for use by children, especially those under the age of 14, and we do not knowingly obtain personal information from persons under the age of 14.


Certain Digital Services contain links to websites, mobile applications, or other services operated by companies not affiliated with Hearst. In addition, the Digital Services may be available to you through other platforms (such as app stores or social networks) or other channels. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of any of the websites, mobile applications or other services and channels not operated by Hearst, so it is advisable that you review the privacy policies or notices of the corresponding third parties.


From time to time we update this Privacy Notice to reflect changes in our privacy practices or relevant laws. In the cases in which the changes in this Privacy Notice have fundamental repercussions on the nature of the treatment of the information or on you, we will notify you in advance, so that you can exercise your rights (eg, opposing the information processing). We will publish the updated version of the corresponding Digital Services and we will indicate at the beginning of the Privacy Notice the date of its last update. Your use of Digital Services will be regulated by the most up-to-date version of the Privacy Notice.


California News Times, as responsible for the Digital Services and Paper Forms that you are using or accessing, is responsible for the treatment of the personal information that we obtain and process in relation to each Digital Service or Paper Forms. The details of the data controller and their publications are detailed below, along with the corresponding contact information.

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