In Paris, Kamala Harris Heals His International Stature!

Kamala Harris heals his presidential status. Arrival in France on Tuesday, the American vice-president , designated successor to Joe Biden, is making his third international trip. In July, she visited Guatemala and Mexico, mainly to talk about immigration. Then, at the end of August, she took a trip to Singapore and Vietnam , a visit then under the sign of trade cooperation, in the midst of a supply chain crisis, with the idea of ​​s’ oppose by all means to China’s plans in the region.

This time, it will be mainly about diplomacy and representation. Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff will participate in the commemorations of November 11, by going to the American cemetery of Suresnes, then she will deliver a speech at the Forum on the Peace, and will participate the following day in the conference on Libya in Paris.

She will also meet Emmanuel Macron, just days after the meeting in Rome between Joe Biden and the French head of state. Objective: to continue a dialogue, in particular on security, which had been undermined by the case of the Australian submarines. Washington is trying to show Paris that it is a staunch and reliable ally, after weeks of extreme tension .

During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden had been clear: he would be a transitional president and only serve one term – he will be almost 82 by the time of the next election. Since then, the American president leaves the doubt on a possible candidacy. But among Democrats, the idea remains that the post of vice president is the perfect launching pad for Kamala Harris, who could become the first woman president of the United States.

As the difficulties accumulate for Joe Biden, she seems to be distancing herself. In her first two months as vice president, she almost always appeared alongside Biden. Since then, his agenda has been significantly different. “Their partnership is the same as the Obama-Biden relationship,” assures White House spokesman Andrew Bates, who highlights the need for the duo to multiply, to speak to as many people as possible.

Difficult positioning:- There is still a long way to go for Kamala Harris, however. In recent days, the American press reported the fears of his team on a merciless battle during the primary in 2024. The designated opponent would be the current Secretary of Transport, already candidate for the nomination last year, Pete Buttigieg .

During her first year as Vice President, Kamala Harris was not spared. Several scandals have touched his inner circle: former collaborators denounced an unhealthy environment, both in his campaign team during the 2020 primary and in his cabinet as vice-president.

His action has also been criticized: some have criticized him, for example, for having delayed getting to the border with Mexico, when it saw an influx of migrants. Still others are surprised not to see her more involved in the difficult negotiations on the investment plan of the White House. As 2024 approaches, its action will be increasingly watched.

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