China Fires Missiles Over Taiwan After Pelosi’s Arrival.

In Tokyo on August 5, 2022, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida clasp hands.
US aircraft carriers will remain in the vicinity of Taiwan for a few more days to “watch the situation,” Kirby said.
On Friday, Nancy Pelosi accused China of attempting to “isolate Taiwan,” citing the island’s exclusion from international organizations including the World Health Organization.

‘They may try to restrict Taiwan from going or engaging in other locations, but they will not isolate Taiwan by banning us from traveling there,’ she said.

She said that her trip to Taiwan had been about preserving the status quo, not attempting to change it.

On Friday, Japanese Defense Minister Fumio Kishida warned that China’s military drills were “a major issue involving the security of our country and its people” and demanded an immediate end to the operations. Achieving long-term stability in the Taiwan Strait will require Japan and the United States to work together, he said.

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There was ‘no risk’ of missiles.

The day after Pelosi’s departure, China began military exercises surrounding the island, launching numerous missiles into waters near Taiwan’s northeastern and southwestern coasts.

In an interview with CCTV, a Chinese military expert acknowledged that the conventional missiles flew over Taiwan’s main island, including airspace protected by Taiwan’s defensive missiles. CCTV quoted the expert as saying.

Maj. Gen. Meng Xiangqing, a strategic professor at Beijing’s National Defense University, stated that the Chinese military has overcome the obstacles of hitting long-range targets on the ocean.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry issued a statement late Thursday stating that the missiles had passed above the stratosphere and therefore presented no danger to the island.

The missiles were projected to land in waters east of Taiwan, therefore authorities did not issue air raid warnings, the ministry said. As a further precaution, the ministry stated that it would not share additional information regarding the trajectory of the missiles.

Japan’s Defense Ministry on Thursday announced that five ballistic missiles, including the four thought to have flown over Taiwan, had landed in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

“Japan’s security and the safety of its population are at risk because of this issue. We strongly disapprove of this “Nobuo Kishi, Japan’s defense minister, announced at a press conference.

Chinese warplanes also flew over the Taiwan Strait and into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Thursday, crossing the median line dividing the island from mainland China.

A day before, China made similar intrusions across the median line, which had hitherto been an informal but generally acknowledged border between Beijing and Taipei.

There were 12 SU-30 jets, eight J-11 jets, and two J-16 jets involved in the Thursday incursions, according to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry.

Drones were spotted flying over “restricted waters” around Taiwan’s Kinmen Islands, which are controlled by Taiwan, on Thursday afternoon, the Ministry of Defense said. In a statement, the Ministry of Defense stated that Taiwan’s military had used a variety of flares to scare away the drones, but did not provide further details.

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Damage to the economy

A “deliberate and persistent buildup of military threats” was described by Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, who spoke Thursday, as “irresponsible” in her criticism of China’s military exercises.

As she said, “I must underscore that, we do not want conflicts to increase or disputes to arise, but we will resolutely defend our sovereignty and national safety, as well as protect democracy and freedom.”

This week’s live-fire drills in China were met with worry from the world’s seven major economies, including Australia, which issued a statement Wednesday advising the Chinese government against making any changes in this region.

Some foreign flights were canceled, and ships were advised to take other routes to and from ports around the island as a result of the exercises.

Ships and aircraft were warned to steer clear of the exercise zones after the Chinese Defense Ministry announced it would be taking place in six locations surrounding Taiwan.

Trade between China, Japan, South Korea, and the rest of the globe is facilitated by the Taiwan Strait, which connects the region’s major economies.

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