Women’s Under 20 team leaves many doubts five months after its World Cup debut!

The Costa Rican squad, which will host the Junior World Cup, has only won one match in its last six appearances. This Sunday he fell against Colombia

The U20 Women’s National Team, which is preparing for the Youth World Cup to be held in our country starting on August 10, was defeated this Sunday 0-2 by Colombia, at the Alejandro Monera Soto stadium.

The nationals, directed by the Venezuelan coach José Latoya. Thus they added their fifth defeat in the last six presentations after being measured twice against Panama, Chile and Colombia. He only won a duel against the canal eras.

Although it is clear that the Tricolor has faced very strong South American teams, the results leave many doubts regarding the debut of the national team in the World Cup, which will be played both at the National Stadium and at the Monera Soto.

In the press conference after the match, Latoya explained that from the first moment he asked the Costa Rican Football Federation to obtain blanks against rivals of the highest level, which would allow them to pick up the pace necessary for the World Cup.

The two entries for the coffee pots fell in the second half. First it was Gabriela Arena at minute 62, when she headed in a corner kick.

For her part, Ximena Llerena put definitive figures at 90 ‘, already with the final whistle over, by finishing off a rebound by goalkeeper Carolina Méndez.

The commitment, which was organized in commemoration of International Women’s Day, had a Costa Rica that knew how to handcuff the Colombians in the initial stage and by the beginning of the second half showed greater control of the ball. He even insinuated himself into the rival goal with danger, especially with a powerful free kick by Alexandra Pineal that was deflected by goalkeeper Valentina González.

However, later on the visitors asserted their offensive power, punishing twice the nationals who showed very little in attack.

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