The CIF’s commissioners have started advocating for the introduction of flag football for females.


Excitement is growing among the 10 California Interscholastic Federation section commissioners about the possibility of starting a new sanctioned sport for girls — high school flag football.

The proposal was initiated by the Southern Section and will have a first read at its council meeting Sept. 29, followed by a first vote Jan. 31 that would send it on to the State Federated Council for a read and get other sections to endorse for a possible start in the fall of 2023.

It was discussed at a meeting of section commissioners last week in Sacramento.

City Section commissioner Vicky Lagos, who played soccer and ran track at Mission Hills Bishop Alemany, is a 100% supporter of flag football for girls.

“I was born too soon,” she said. “I could have been good at it.”

Also discussed among the commissioners is an initiative related to sportsmanship. The CIF will be passing onto schools a complete “sportsmanship kit” with guidance on how to effectively handle officials, fans, players and coaches.

“It’s going to be an incredible tool for the schools,” Lagos said.

As for addressing name, image and likeness compensation for high school athletes, the commissioners reviewed the current CIF rules in a question-and-answer format. Sections have been alerting schools to remove photos of players wearing or appearing in photos with their uniforms promoting products. Lagos said Narbonne and Dorsey were each told to have players remove wrist bracelets that promoted an organization.

“This is a learning curve for all of us,” she said.

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