People congratulate LeBron James on setting a new NBA scoring record.

We asked our readers to submit congratulatory messages to LeBron James ahead of the Lakers star breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time NBA scoring record, a milestone James reached Tuesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Here are some of their responses:


What an inspiration for every young man and woman who has played sports or ever dreamed. You’ve demonstrated that sustained excellence is possible and you’ve been a great role model using your platform for good while performing at the highest possible level! Congrats, King James!!!

Jordan Gonzalez, Pasadena


Congrats LeBron! Your story and support for your hometown of Akron and other folks’ communities over the years has always inspired me to use my platforms for others’ benefit when possible. L.A. is proud to have you on the roster; you make me proud to be a Laker fan! I hope you also feel that sense of pride when you make history alongside your loved ones rooting for you. You deserve it!

Abigail Macias, Watts


Congratulations to the greatest Laker in history and my all-time favorite player. All true fans have your back now and always. You are such an amazing role model to all Angelenos and true Laker fans. LOS ANGELES LOVES YOU FOREVER!

Michael Carroll, Highland Park


Thank you for transforming basketball. You continue to do the impossible and exceed the heaviest of expectations. I love you so much and I pray that you continue to be the best role model for little Black kids everywhere!

Terricka Irving, Houston


LeBron, I have watched you play basketball since you were a phenom in high school! I grew up watching you play and single-handedly change the game of basketball! Thank you for your greatness and it’s been an honor watching you smash records after records and Congrats on becoming the NBA All Time Scoring Leader! Laker Nation is proud and Kobe would be proud! #ThekidfromAkron

Cody Pratt, Binghamton, N.Y.




Dan Holandez, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines


As an Akron native, I have followed your career with enthusiasm. Even more I applaud what you have done to encourage underprivileged Akron youth to dream big and then help them fulfill those dreams. Kudos to you on this latest on-court accomplishment. You continue to make us proud.

Mary Hausch, Las Vegas


Congratulations LeBron James on this amazing achievement! Breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s point scoring record is a testament to your hard work, dedication, and remarkable talent. Your talent and impact on the game of basketball will be remembered for generations to come. Enjoy this moment and keep making history!

Lloyd McCoy, Frederick, Md.


Congratulations LeBron man! I’ve been watching you since you came onto the scene in ‘02 (when I was also a senior in high school), before you were even drafted by the Cavs. You have eclipsed ALL EXPECTATIONS in the last 20 years. 38,387 was once the holy grail of basketball and here you are about to make it your own. We will be watching and cheering for you all the way to 40,000! Peace and Love all the way from South Africa.

Siboniso Hadebe, Johannesburg


Congratulations on setting a record that seemed unattainable. I’ve long admired your grit, determination, work ethic, and talent, which all combined to make your career and this record possible. All the while, you stayed true to your core beliefs and values, providing leadership when sorely needed, which is just as admirable.

Elizabeth Faber, La Cañada Flintridge


Congrats Lebron, we love you!

David Berezin, Mar Vista


I have followed and watch you grow with pleasure since your first front cover appearance. As a fan of first Lew Alcindor at Power and then UCLA and finally Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with the Lakers, a more worthy person to unseat him as the scoring king likely is not on the Planet. Congratulations, King James. Keep on setting standards on all levels.

Edward Polite, Laguna Niguel


Congratulations on breaking such an amazing record. I’ve watched you play my entire adult life. You’re a once in a generational player and an amazing human being. You’re just as excellent off the court as you are on it. Forget the haters and keep being you, King. Keep inspiring and dreaming of a better world.

Stephen Arnold, Church Hill, Tenn.


LeBron, you’re truly the GOAT! I was only a college basketball fan until I started watching you. (Rock chalk.) Now I’m also a die-hard Lakers fan. Most important, thank you for being a great role model for my students. At least one student brings you up every day! 🙂

Rebecca Fensholt, Durham, N.C.


Congratulations LeBron! You are a class act all the way. I’ve long admired your athletic abilities and the way you move through the world with confidence and purpose. And no one can wear a suit like you do with such style and swag!

Laura Leal, Orange


LeBron, You are the Goat, thank you for us witnessing greatness, having a wonderful career, maybe you don’t have as much rings as the great M. Jordan, but you also don’t have Pippen by your side … so, this makes your records even greater. keep doing what you are doing best — play wonderful basketball! I wish you the best, play with your son, break more records, win more championships, and let us enjoy as much as we can of your greatness! I love you Bro(n) ! thanks for your greatness.

Hilel Cole, Kiryat Shemona, Israel




Will Mosley, Charlotte, N.C.


Greatness for a moment is noteworthy, but greatness spanning several decades is legendary. You are a legend worthy of the greatest franchise in sports.

Edu Santana, San Gabriel


I have been watching u since high school, me and my wife and kids … It’s easy to claim your GOAT status! The athleticism, the range! And your vision and passing ability is 2nd to no one in history!!! this will cement u as GOAT! Congratulations to u and what u have done for your community!! and our people!!! Thank u for that most of all!!!!

Aundrey Lemon, Baltimore


My admiration goes way beyond his athletic achievements and they are remarkable.

Bron came into the NBA, a young man from the housing projects of Akron, Ohio. He not only lived up to the expectations placed on him, he far exceeded them. Think about the day and age we live in — cameras, social media — he’s never had a scandal. Never been arrested. Never photographed drunk. Those things go hand in hand with his depth of integrity.

The current season is James’ 20th as an NBA player, with the future Hall of Famer having already put his name in the record books on numerous other occasions. …

There will never be another player like him.

Delavago Scruggs, Hanover, Md.

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