Letters: Not-so-fast start for Rams’ Super Bowl repeat


Let’s not overreact. Oddsmakers had Rams underdogs at home, and there’s no shame in losing to the Super Bowl favorites. Coach Sean McVay will watch film and figure it out. Rams sloppiness was obvious. Too late now, but maybe he should rethink not playing the starters in the preseason.

Marty Zweben
Palos Verdes Estates


Rams were outplayed in every phase of the game. Too much basking, not enough prep and Sean’s play calls are pablum plain. So much for the heart of a champion.

David Griffin


I never expected to see a protester with a pink smoke bomb rush for more yards on one run than the entire Rams offense in an entire game. Maybe the Rams should draft her.

Chris Hordan
Hermosa Beach


It was fun while it lasted. The best offseason move by GM Les Snead and coach Sean McVay was to sign extensions before they played the Bills.

Russell Hosaka

Trojan Times

Boy, talk about USC honks. Plaschke acts like his beloved Trojans chased the Russians out of Ukraine. Please, they beat Rice junior college.

Tom Nolet
Woodland Hills


After reading the Trojan Times last Sunday, I just want to congratulate USC on their apparent national title that was won last weekend against Rice.

Craig Dunkin
La Crescenta


Reading your Sports section last Sunday, a person would come away thinking UCLA is headed for a losing season while USC will be national champions. Unless, of course, you take an objective look at the games. UCLA actually had a far greater statistical advantage, with over 600 yards of offense to about 160 for Bowling Green, who got 10 quick points on UCLA turnovers. USC, on the other hand, had their score inflated by three pick-six touchdowns from the wild Rice quarterback. So maybe your reporters should just take a deep cleansing breath and evaluate the games for what they were. A couple of easy wins over weak opponents.

Alan Abajian
Alta Loma

Burying the Bruins

Twenty-seven thousand fans showed up for UCLA’s home opener, lowest crowd since moving to the Rose Bowl. Is anyone surprised? Their cream puff schedule generated absolutely no preseason buzz. Even The Times buried the writeup of the “game” on page 7.

Joe Novak
La Crescenta


As a loyal Bruin fan, I can only say that after watching Saturday’s game against Bowling Green, I’m sure that Martin Jarmond is thrilled that he gave Chip Kelly a huge contract extension. Obviously, Jarmond is content with mediocrity. The move to the Big Ten will be significant. One team from Los Angeles will be a powerhouse and the other will be a practice squad.

Steve Horvitz
Los Angeles


The ridiculous start time and resulting bad conditions of last week’s UCLA football game came courtesy of the Pac-12 Conference and its network, which decided that the Bruins had to play in the 11:30 a.m. time slot. This wasn’t a spiteful act. This was simply the smartest decision those people were capable of making. Imagine how bad it will be next year, when they are spiteful.

That move to the Big Ten is looking better and better.

Hans Ghaffari


I have little doubt in my mind that the marriage between UCLA and the Rose Bowl should end. The tailgating there is great, but the seats are uncomfortable and unacceptable. The leg room is a joke. And I haven’t even mentioned the lack of covered seating, a sad fact that was on display last week when only a few thousand fans dared to bake under the hot sun.

No such problems at SoFi Stadium. The Bruins should do whatever it takes to get out of the Rose Bowl lease. The buyout will be worth it. SoFi is a lot closer to Westwood. More fans will go to the games, and they will be comfortable. The move to the Big Ten was creative and bold. A move to SoFi would also be creative and bold.

Jim Bendat
Los Angeles

Going to bat for JT

Isn’t it about time to start mentioning Justin Turner and his remarkable return to form? And maybe cut out the nonsense about how great Mookie Betts is. Justin has the exact same batting average and one less RBI in nearly 100 fewer at bats. The underappreciated Trea Turner is certainly the team’s indispensable man, Freddie Freeman a close second. But Justin has contributed much more than the overhyped long-ball Mookie, who does little else but that.

Mike Dudnikov
Union, N. J.

Medical marvels

Dustin May appears to have successfully recovered from his Tommy John surgery and now Walker Buehler is going to have his. Looking back at the hundreds of athletes who have had their careers given a new reprieve, it is time for the Baseball Hall of Fame voters to recognize the efforts of Tommy John and Dr. Frank Jobe and induct them.

Wayne Kamiya
El Segundo

Challenge changes

Of the upcoming rules changes to be implemented next year by MLB, perhaps the most ludicrous if not laughable is limiting pitchers to two pick off throws. I grew up in the era of Maury Wills, Lou Brock and Ricky Henderson. Fans were riveted to the cat-and-mouse games played between pitcher and baserunner. I can still hear the chants of “go, go, go.” This completely unnecessary rule change will serve to both eliminate an entire skill set and further create fan disinterest in the game.

Bill Waxman
Simi Valley


Hopefully the powers that be in baseball have been watching the U.S. Open. Maybe they have noticed how well the electronic line calling works. Not all changes that baseball has made are good ones, but to watch a game with the electronic strike zone superimposed on the TV screen and see how inconsistent umpires are calling balls and strikes almost makes this a no-brainer.

Tom Davidson

Sultan of halos

Although Shohei Ohtani is putting up numbers comparable to a modern day Babe Ruth, it’s still strange how he can be considered for another MVP award. How is it possible for a team destined to finish almost 30 games out, and still have an MVP candidate? It begs the question. Where would they finish in the standings without him?

Craig London
Woodland Hills

Elizabethan reminder

Regarding Ben Bolch’s article “Reggie Jackson, Queen Elizabeth II, Leslie Nielsen: How ‘The Naked Gun’ filmed the best baseball scene in movie history.”

This article reminded me of one of my all-time favorite movie quotes from Frank Drebin:

“Protecting the Queen’s safety is a task that is gladly accepted by Police Squad. No matter how silly the idea of having a queen might be to us, as Americans, we must be gracious and considerate hosts.”

Never were truer words spoken.

Bob Riggs
Santa Barbara

Full coverage

It’s time to bring back the full Sports section. This Sports section feels like the “Des Moines Times.” This is Los Angeles! Sports mecca. The sports coverage is atrociously minimal. Woefully inadequate and incomplete. This is a big league paper. Please deliver like one.

William deVry
Hollywood Hills


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