L.A. Times readers bemoan Rams, Lakers


Rams fans should be ashamed of themselves. At least 60% of the stadium in the 49ers game was red.


Jim Estes
Santa Monica


As a lifelong Rams fan, and season-ticket holder since they returned to L.A., recent showings by so-called Rams fans who sell their tickets to opposing teams fans such as the 49ers, Cowboys and very likely Raiders fans, is mostly for greed. It’s understandable if you can’t attend a game due to being sick, out of town or something else, but when 55% plus of another teams’ fans are at SoFi it impacts all of us, especially the team, you supposedly support.

Craig Weiss


Sean McVay was “kicking himself” for calling a third-down pass play to Cooper Kupp when trailing by 17 points with 90 seconds to play. The bigger question is, “Why were Kupp and Stafford on the field at this time?”

Duane Gomer
Coto de Caza

AD’s days are numbered?

Bill Plaschke says that the Lakers should trade Anthony Davis for a couple of first-round draft picks. Really? He thinks they can get two first-round picks for “Delicate Davis?” I don’t think they can get even one first-round pick for him. He’ll be on the injured list more days than on the active list this season.

Sherwyn Drucker


Does a building have to fall on the Lakers management’s collective heads before they realize the Lakers will not win anything with Anthony Davis on the roster? His talent is undeniable, but he is so injury prone that he is basically useless to this team long term. And of course this season is no different. It took all of six games to see Davis has a back problem that will probably linger all season. Trade him now for a package including shooters and future draft picks and begin the rebuild this team so desperately needs.

Bruce Olson

Series scandal

I rarely agree with Bill Plaschke, but I celebrated every word of his column on Oct. 27. The Astros cheating the entire 2017 season and into the World Series is unforgivable, and should never be forgotten. And especially so since MLB commissioner Robert Manfred meted out no consequence for such an egregious insult to the game. The scandal should be related in every record about baseball in perpetuity. One hundred years from now fans should know about the Astros cheating, just like we know about the 1919 White Sox scandal. If the cheating Astros had any integrity they would have vacated the win.

Diane Jenson


Dusty Baker “hoped the fans would forget the past.” Lance McCullers said, “It doesn’t matter to us, a lot of great teams, a lot of great players got booed even if they don’t deserve it, Reggie Jackson said they don’t boo nobodies.”

Lance, you and your teammates aren’t being booed because you’re somebodies, you’re booed because you’re cheaters who have not honestly admitted such and apologized for it.

Until that happens, the boos you’ll hear are warranted.

Kevin McDaniels
Santa Barbara

Clipped coverage

I’m used to seeing The Times overcover the Lakers and barely mention the Clippers, but Tuesday’s print edition was ridiculous. You put a column about the Lakers (who did not have a game Monday) on the front page of the Sports section, with the article on an actual Clippers game inside.

Mary Byrd
Santa Barbara

Sports vs. games

Why is a story about video game players in the Sports section? They aren’t athletes and this isn’t a sport (even if you add an “e”). This article properly belongs in the Calendar section.

Kirk Norenberg
Redondo Beach


You do know esports are just video games, right?

Steve Horn

Equal play for women

I picked up my morning paper hoping to see the NWSL championship game on the front page of the sports section. The only mention of this match was one sentence in The Day in Sports. Give women’s sports their due. Your readers are interested and shouldn’t have to go to the internet to find out how this group of athletes excelled, failed, triumphed, struggled, and competed. The women, men, daughters, and sons of Los Angeles and the nation deserve better than your current coverage.

To quote Hayley Wickenheiser, four-time Olympic gold medalist: “People would say, ‘Girls don’t play hockey. Girls don’t skate.’ I would say, ‘Watch this.’” How about The Times step it up so that its readers can watch it via their pages?

Susan Berg


I have been increasingly disheartened and disappointed in your lack of coverage of women’s sports. In particular, last week’s historic NWSL Championship — the first primetime showing of an NWSL championship game. One sentence???? That’s all you give?

And instead, you have a whole article featuring one male player from LAFC on the front cover. Where is the logic behind that decision?

Millions of people have been watching the NWSL regular-season games and attendance records have been broken in almost every playoff game. There’s an audience, and we are not going to continue subscribing to newspapers who do not acknowledge what we want to see.

Donna Schwartz
San Gabriel


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