Iggy Azalea dispels rumours of an altercation with a Raiders reporter.


Iggy Azalea has invited the media to “please relax” after a quippy Twitter exchange between her and a reporter covering the Las Vegas Raiders made headlines this week.

The “Fancy” rapper clarified Monday on Twitter that her sassy comeback to a writer for the sports site the Athletic who made a quip about her halftime performance at the Raiders-Texans football game was all in good fun.

In response to a tweet from XXL Magazine that said Azalea “fired back” at sports journalist Tashan Reed after he dissed her, the Australian musician wrote, “He made a joke & I made a joke. It’s really not serious at all so please relax.” In profane terms, the “Black Widow” hitmaker also accused the publication of having a, shall we say, penchant for drama.

On Sunday, Reed tweeted, “The combination of [Vegas’] Allegiant Stadium trying to make BBQ and Iggy Azalea performing at halftime is gonna make me depressed.”



After the halftime show, Azalea replied, “If you think you’re depressed now I’ll spare you the tears you’d cry knowing what my paycheck was to come and jiggle a lil a—.”

Reed then posted a GIF of basketball player Alonzo Mourning shaking and nodding his head, while Azalea raised him a GIF of a sad puppy with the caption, “Sorry.”

Wearing a sheer Raiders bodysuit, Azalea performed her 2014 hit “Fancy” — and indeed wiggled her booty — onstage at Sunday’s sporting event. The Raiders wound up beating the Houston Texans 38-20.

“I had an amazing day in Vegas today!” Azalea tweeted over the weekend. “My first time seeing a football game live & they won! Thanks @Raiders and their fans, Everyone around the stage really hyped me up & I appreciated it like you’ll never know because I was very, very nervous!”

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