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Let us know your secrets for meeting people in Los Angeles. It’s rough on the outside

In L.A., most of us live in one place, work in another and spend half of our day in a car accompanied only by our favorite podcast hosts. We might share a fleeting laugh at a bar with a stranger or reach for the same obscure item at the grocery store, but it is unlikely we will ever see that person again. So what’s the secret? How does one make friends in L.A.?

We want to hear from you.

Have you ever gone to an organized meetup, tried out a noncompetitive sports league or joined a dating app just “looking for friends”? Have you mastered the art of coming off friendly but not eager? Approachable but not desperate? Do you know how to gracefully make the jump from acquaintance to friend?

We’re looking for people who have found creative solutions to the problem of loneliness in our busy city. Tell us how you met the people in your inner circle and how you fostered those relationships. Your story may be included in an upcoming feature.

If you are willing to share your experience and have your photograph taken, please complete this form, and a reporter may contact you.

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