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Aries, Leos, and Libras want? Find the greatest zodiac sign gift.

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Sometimes the perfect gift is already written in the stars.

I’m no professional astrologer, but as a queer Sagittarius who follows many astrological meme pages (thank you, Chani Nicholas and Astro Poets), I’m here to offer you vibes and ideas for every fire/earth/air/water sign in your life.

And if you decide to buy one of these gifts for someone who isn’t the assigned zodiac sign, that’s totally fine, too. I won’t tell anyone.

Aries: Fuego Box Hot Sauce gift set

The Aries in your life is certainly not afraid of trying something bold. This gift box comes with five sauces that are more flavorful than painful, so even the spice-averse can find something they enjoy. My household (where all five of us are fire signs) has happily used all of these, but the Friendly Fire hot sauce, which mixes guava and habanero, is a personal favorite. If you’re looking for something more intense, Fuego Box also sells a Tame to Insane challenge box that includes 11 hot sauces.

$49.95 at Fuego Box

Taurus: Grounding Scrub from Folk Magick Botanicals

Folk Magick Botanicals Grounding Scrub

If there are two things that any Taurus loves, it’s feeling grounded and smelling divine. This scrub from Folk Magick Botanicals has a gentle but soothing scent that mixes pine, tea tree and sandalwood and feels both luxurious and comforting. If you’d like to splurge, they also sell several pricier ritual kits that walk you through the process of saging your space, misting your shower, using a scrub and finishing the process with a hydrating oil.

$42 at Folk Magick Botanicals

Gemini: Custom journal from Ex Libris Anonymous

A journal from Ex Libris Anonymous

Made from recycled books in Astoria, Ore., these journals are custom made by Jacob Deatherage. Putting blank pages into any hardcover books from Dr. Seuss to Nancy Drew, Deatherage emails directly with customers to make sure each person is getting something special. For the Gemini in your life who’s constantly juggling a million ideas, these journals could be a sentimental space for them to nurture their many interests.

$15 at Ex Libris Anonymous

Cancer: Mini round cocotte from Le Creuset

Mini round cocotte by Le Creuset

(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

What feels more cozy and personal than someone baking you a tiny, warm treat? The nurturing Cancers in your life will definitely swoon over these little Le Creuset pots which come in more than a dozen colors and can be used for anything from small soups to personal-sized brownies.

From $22 at Le Creuset

Leo: Triangle pipe from Yew Yew

The Yew Yew Triangle Pipe

Regardless of whether the Leo in your life smokes, they certainly like to entertain. This pipe is a simple, sleek shape that’s as functional as it is cute (and it comes in six colors). As someone who occasionally smokes but loves to have people over, it’s been a handy piece to have that’s certainly not an eyesore. For more consistent smokers, Yew Yew also sells matching ashtrays, grinders, stash bags and bongs.

$55 at Yew Yew

Virgo: Desk vacuum from Odistar

Odistar desk vacuum

(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

For the Virgo who’s been working from home, this cute desktop vacuum could be a game changer. Gentle enough to be used on keyboards, it sucks up crumbs and scraps that are too small for larger vacuums. It’s rechargeable and pops open easily for cleaning, making it a perfect gift for your hardworking and practical pals.

$13 at Amazon

Libra: Kangol washed bucket hat

The Kangol washed bucket hat

Let’s be honest: Libras can pull off just about anything. These versatile bucket hats come in 13 colors and multiple sizes, making them perfect for your most stylish and indecisive friends. I’d recommend sizing up — as a person with a pretty typical-sized head, I found myself most comfortable in the large size.

$50 at Kangol

Scorpio: Sea salt from OK Sea Salt

OK Sea Salt package

If Scorpios appreciate one thing it’s the craftsmanship of something incredibly niche or esoteric. This sea salt is harvested by hand and the seawater is collected during the high tide of each full moon by Onya Hogan-Finlay and Kim Kelly, who lovingly refer to themselves as “the salty dykes” of Nova Scotia. Along with their classic natural sea salt they also sell smaller bags of special holiday salts like spruce tips and cranberry — all coarse natural crystals that are flavorful and delicious.

From $5 at OK Sea Salt

Sagittarius: Object Lover’s hand tray catchall

Object lover Hand Tray Catchall

We all have clutter, but the Sagittarius in your life probably wants their clutter to be the center of attention in its own colorful way. These playful trays are perfect for holding rings, glasses, crystals, phones or whatever else you’d want to keep on your bedside table. Asher Ford’s queer Austin-based co-op also makes playful planters, small tables, and plant stands — all 3-D printed from biodegradable corn-based PLA plastic.

$34 at Object Lover

Capricorn: Frank Stella 750-piece shaped puzzle

Frank Stella puzzle

(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

If you love a Capricorn you’ve probably realized that most of them don’t love things that are frivolous. Puzzles, however, are a great way to make a fun relaxing activity feel like work. I will not lie to you — I didn’t have the drive or the patience to finish this 750-piece puzzle, but I love the design and can see the ambitious Capricorns in my life blowing through a challenge like this.

$19.99 at LACMA Store

Aquarius: The Artist’s Way starter kit

The Artist's Way journal/guide

(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

If there’s someone in your life who needs a bit of help grounding their creative endeavors, they’re likely an Aquarius. With an array of dreamy ideas that they’d like to pursue, it could be helpful for Aquarians to explore this daily practice of writing morning pages — the book provides a sort of crash course in creativity, while the journal provides space to explore whatever’s on your mind.

$30 at Hennessey + Ingalls

Pisces: The Gentle Thrills Tarot

Gentle Thrills Tarot Deck

It’s a common belief that your first tarot deck should be a gift from a loved one. Whether or not you believe in that practice, the intuitive and dreamy Pisces in your life would likely enjoy exploring the art of tarot. This deck is illustrated by L.A. artist Isa Beniston and offers large, vibrant renderings of the traditional tarot archetypes.

$29.99 at Penguin Random House (available starting Nov. 15)

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