Medicaid Postpartum Health Care Coverage Expands in North Carolina!

Medicaid postpartum health care coverage will be extended from 60 days to 12 months for eligible recipients in North Carolina. The benefit will provide 12 months of continuous postpartum coverage to eligible beneficiaries who are currently pregnant or gave birth between February 1, 2022 and March 31, 2022.

North Carolina, Raleigh (AP) – New mothers can now receive a year of full Medicaid coverage after giving birth, after a new state law expanding services went into effect on Friday, April 1.

In 2021, the 12-month coverage option was offered to states in a Covid-19 stimulus and relief package approved by Congress. The North Carolina budget approved by the General Assembly in November and signed by Governor Roy Cooper accepted that offer.

Full Medicaid Benefits

Until now, women whose family income was more than twice the poverty level (for a family of four $36,570) could receive 60 days of postpartum coverage.

Most pregnant women and those whose pregnancies have ended will also receive full Medicaid benefits, and not just the maternity-focused benefits previously provided, the state Department of Health and Human Services said.

Who can access the expanded Medicaid service?

Any woman currently pregnant can now also access expanded services.

As well, people who gave birth between Feb. 1 and March 31, DHHS said in a news release, and otherwise qualify based on income.

This extension of coverage is currently authorized for five years.

According to budget documents, the state’s portion of the costs for enrollment coverage, which is projected to be about $50 million annually, will be paid for through increased revenue from hospital fees.

The federal government will pay the rest.

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