OPINION: La Selecta & mathematics towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup

“The colossus of Monserrat stopped weighing on the Selecta, since out of 21 possible points, only 6 were achieved as a result of one victory, three draws and three losses,” says commentator Marco Fonseca after the Concacaf Octagonal

The CONCACAF train is already on its way to Qatar with the four members who won the ticket to attend, three of them go directly, the other will have to make a stopover and face a rival to determine whether to attend or return home with the satisfaction of having missed a step to be in the biggest party of world football in the month of November in the Asian country.

The guests who travel on this train are: Canada, Mexico, the United States and Costa Rica , the latter is the one that will have to play a playoff against New Zealand in June and that was very close to getting directly.

The message of the ‘Indio Cuscatleco’ at the end of the Concacaf Octagonal for the Selecta

El Salvador, for obvious reasons, is not on that train, it was not even close to achieving it, even though with three dates left to finish the tie, mathematics gave it a paltry hope of achieving it, but neither logic nor faith, nor prayers, much less mathematics did the miracle.

Another process that leaves El Salvador in the position where it was in the last two final phases of World Cup qualifiers in the CONCACAF area: in penultimate place in the standings (it was fifth in the hexagonal heading to France 98 and South Africa 2010), in this one that due to the new format became octagonal, seventh, only ahead of the worst Honduras ever seen.

If we start to compare this process with the two mentioned above we see that out of 42 possible points we made 10, which corresponds to a poor 23.80% , which leaves us below since for France 98, out of 30 possible 10 were made, which which is equivalent to 33.33% and in South Africa 2010, with 8 points achieved, the percentage of effectiveness was 26.66%.

It is poorer in the scoring area, in this process (which consisted of fourteen dates) only 8 goals were scored and 18 were received, which is -10, which is well below the two previous World Cup processes (ten dates), On the way to France 98, 11 were scored and 16 were received for a -5 and in South Africa 2010, 9 for and 15 against for a -6.

The colossus of Monserrat stopped weighing on the Selecta, since out of 21 possible points only 6 were achieved as a result of one victory, three draws and three losses, for France 98 there were 8 points with two wins, two draws and a single loss. numbers were for South Africa 2010.

With these not very encouraging numbers, El Salvador will see the World Cup again from home, but with the feeling of having given a moment of good football and having competed with the “greats” of the area and with a hopeful outlook for the future, we hope that the Necessary changes in the national soccer environment so that it goes from competing to being a true candidate to qualify for a World Cup.

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