Former NBA star Vince Carter’s Atlanta home burglarized, nearly $100K stolen

Equipped criminals broke into the Atlanta home of resigned NBA player Vince Carter while his significant other and kids were inside and took almost $100,000 in real money throughout the end of the week, police said.

Carter’s better half, Sondhi Carter, and several’s two children were concealed in a storage room Sunday night while robbers crushed in a first-floor window and stripped the 10,000-square-foot home in Atlanta’s wealthy Buckhead area, as per an episode report delivered Wednesday by the Atlanta Police Department.

Sondhi Carter told police she was sleeping with her two children when she heard commotions coming from out front at 11:50 p.m., as per the report. She got her children and together the three concealed in their room wardrobe while paying attention to the suspects run higher up and scrounge through the family’s assets in different rooms.

Sondhi Carter said she called 911 from inside the wardrobe and messaged the local watch.

An off-the-clock Atlanta PD official with the local watch answered and pursued a suspect wearing a dark dress and a veil not too far off until he jumped into a dark SUV that hurried off.

Cops showed up at the home not long after and found $16,100 worth of $100 greenbacks spilled onto the ground outside the gated home.

The recuperated cash, nonetheless, was only a bit of the $100,000 that was absent from an earthy-colored sack Vince Carter kept in the main room storeroom, the previous Hawks player who resigned in 2020 told police.

Police likewise found a gold Desert Eagle gun still in its weapon case, having a place with Vince Carter, and a dark Glock 26 with a lengthy magazine outside the home, as per the report.

Police accept the Glock was abandoned by the robbers.

Inside the home, officials found a first-floor window crushed in, quite a while in chaos and a door at the highest point of the steps severed its pivots, the report states.

Cops shot the scene and lifted a finger impression from a side entryway that the suspects might have used to escape the home. They likewise gathered reconnaissance video from cameras on the property.

Sondhi Carter and her children were solid throughout the break-in.

As per property records, Vince Carter, who played 22 seasons with the NBA and presently functions as an NBA expert for ESPN, purchased the home and the near section of land and a portion of the property it sits on for almost $7 million in August 2020.

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