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Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Want His House!

The founder of Facebook already has 10 properties located in California, San Francisco and Hawaii, among other cities

Under 40, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the 10 richest people in the world. The programmer, who made his fortune by founding Facebook (since 2021, Meta Platforms), invests part of his capital in properties with a particular strategy. Currently, he owns 10 homes located in California, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Lake Tahoe, as well as several units on Kauai in Hawaii.

In 2011, nearly a year before he married Priscilla Chan, Zuckerberg bought a 5,500-square-foot house in Palo Alto, just 10 minutes from Facebook’s Menlo Park campus. According to Architectural Digest, the businessman paid US$7 million for the property, which has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, and then spent a significant sum to equip it with the technological advances he wanted, including an artificial intelligence assistant made custom named Jarvis. The mansion also has a saltwater pool, a winter garden on the terrace, and a huge barbecue area in the backyard.

The following year, the couple began to articulate their strategy: They bought the four houses that surrounded their original Palo Alto mansion with the aim of maintaining privacy and avoiding being spied on. In total, they reportedly spent about $43 million on those properties. According to The Wall Street Journal, the programmer and his wife had the idea to demolish the four buildings to build something new in 2016. However, the city voted against the plans, so they had to limit themselves to renovating only two of them. to create a complex located on a 74-hectare lot.

Later, the family continued with its investments in real estate but in another part of the United States. For US$10 million, he bought a house in Dolores Heights, in San Francisco, and, according to some media reports, spent an additional US$1.8 million to make cosmetic and structural renovations. What little is known about the mansion is that it spans 7,000 square feet, and features a media room, wine room, conservatory, and wet bar.

Already settled in the United States, Zuckerberg decided to expand to new horizons. In 2014, he purchased 700 acres on the island of Kauai for around $116 million. According to local media, the businessman’s first purchase included most of Pila’a beach and sparked a problem among locals who complained about the walls he placed around the property, which ultimately blocked access to the beach. Three years later, he purchased a further 36 hectares for $45 million, amid protests from those who argued that the land belonged to Native Hawaiians and was considered sacred.

The following year, Zuckerberg and Chan bought two Lake Tahoe-side homes for $59 million, the Brushwood Estate and the Carousel Estate, in a sprawling complex on the lake’s west shore. Information on those properties is scant, but what is known is that the Carousel Estate features a seven-bedroom main house and has a marina-style dock for yachts. Meanwhile, the other unit is larger and has six bedrooms.

The last thing that was known is that, in the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, Zuckerberg continued to seek to deepen his operations in Hawaii. In 2021, he spent US$53 million on 242 more hectares on Kauai. This is a lot that was owned by the Waioli Corporation, a local organization that works in conservation. The couple expressed that he will seek to follow that line on the property.

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