Afghanistan, after first talks between Taliban regime and Washington

No photos, no tangible results and very careful statements. For the first time since the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan at the end of August, an American delegation spoke throughout the weekend with representatives of the Taliban, now in power. A resumption of contacts in the Qatari capital of Doha forced by fear of a massive humanitarian crisis as well as a resurgence of Islamic terrorism in the country.

The discussions were “honest and professional” commented soberly, Sunday, October 10, the spokesman for the US State Department Ned Price, assuring that “the American delegation reiterated that the Taliban would be judged on their actions, not on their lyrics ” .

With the deputy director of the CIA David Cohen at the head of the American delegation, Washington especially insisted on the risk of proliferation of terrorist groups in the country. “This is the main problem for the Americans, because if something happens at this level, it could be very expensive for Joe Biden, politically speaking” thinks Torek Farhadi, a former economic adviser to the Afghan government and former economist at the IMF and the World Bank.

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