Crenshaw wins the game because Westchester left the court too early.


The City Section has begun an investigation after Westchester boys’ basketball coach Dewitt Cotton pulled his team off the court on Saturday night at Crenshaw with 1.3 seconds left and the host Cougars ahead 63-62.

City Section commissioner Vicky Lagos said Sunday the game will go down as a forfeit win for Crenshaw after the officials’ report indicated Westchester left the gymnasium without completing the game.

With four seconds left, a technical foul was called against a Westchester player for elbowing a Crenshaw player. AJ Robinson made both free throws to give Crenshaw the 63-62 lead. With 1.3 seconds left, another foul was called against Westchester. That’s when the Comets decided to leave the gym.

The City Section is awaiting a report from Westchester on the incident.

According to City Section rule 1315, “If the behavior of a participant or coach causes the contest to be shortened or forfeited (and they were ejected from the contest), the offenders will be disqualified from the next contest.”

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