Luis Diaz: The reason why he would miss Liverpool’s next game

The 'Liverpool Echo' analyzes the situation of Jürgen Klopp's team before the game vs. Aston Villa.

Luis Díaz never tires of shining at every opportunity he has with Liverpool. However, after his demanding Champions League match last Tuesday, he also started the weekend in the draw (1-1) against Tottenham, for the Premier League, in which he scored a goal and played the entire match. . Reason why he comes from an important physical demand.

Apparently, according to the English press, the time has come for Díaz to rest, at least against Aston Villa, in the game that will be this Tuesday, at 2:00 pm (ESPN). This is due to the fact that in the same week the FA Cup final will be played against Chelsea and ‘Lucho’ has just played 22 games since landing against the ‘Reds’ and 61 throughout the season, adding the games with Porto and the National Team Colombia. At least, according to what the media in Liverpool say, Diaz will be taken care of and will miss the match against Aston Villa.

Luis Diaz vs.  Tottenham

“In the same week as the FA Cup final, Jurgen Klopp will think a lot about the team, particularly because of the data from his medical department, after a few busy weeks” , indicated the popular ‘Liverpool Echo’, highlighting the number of minutes that Luis Diaz has had this season. According to the English medium, it is that the Colombian rests.

“If he proves his fitness, Firmino will take a place on the bench and it could be an opportunity for Diogo Jota to start in the middle given that Sadio Mane, Luis Diaz and Mohamed Salah have been Klopp’s preferred combination for big games since the Colombian joined at the end of January” , assured the newspaper.

And I add:“Perhaps this is an ideal juncture to give the tireless South American some time with his feet up? After all, he has already played 22 times for the Reds since making his debut in early February against Cardiff City.”

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