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Fashion: Why Are Slim Jeans Gradually Disappearing From Wardrobes?

The slim jeans, which had its heyday in the years 2000 to 2010, are increasingly neglected in favor of wider cuts.

All you have to do is look around in the street, in stores, on clothing brands’ websites and on fashion catwalks: slim jeans, with their very close cut, remain a basic in our wardrobes but it has been less and less trendy in recent years , unlike pants with wider and flared cuts.

Fashion Jeans

“Boot cut” (flared below the knee), “flare” (very flared below the knee, more than the boot cut), “straight” (straight), “cargo” (with pockets on the legs), “wide leg “(Or” baggy “with wide legs flared from below the waist),” mom “(high waist, straight leg and wide hips) … There is something for all tastes and all body types … if not is that cuts closer to the body are no longer too popular.

Back To The 1990s

“Yes, the slim, very popular in the late 2000s and early 2010s, it’s over . For the moment. The fashion is an eternal, with adjustments of course, “slice stylist Fanny Ker jean, who is currently working for Sergeant Major and who attributes this shift to the return to fashion of the 1990s with baggy or mom cuts even in the 1970s for certain cuts (in particular the “flare” cut ).

And this turnaround is accompanied by a return of the high waist or “waist in its place”. For the stylist, “there are no longer any low sizes”.

A Question Of Comfort?

If the heyday of skinny jeans has passed, it is also a question of seeking comfort , according to Fanny Ker jean: “Women want to be comfortable, they no longer want to be tight and skimpy in their pants. along with the ‘no bra’ movement ”.

Fashion Jeans 2

The slim remains a reference, an icon, nevertheless assures Vincent Gregorian. But for the director of foresight of the agency Nelly Rode, “we went around, he lived”. For him, it is more precisely the men who started to abandon the slim cut around the years 2017-2018 . Women, for their part, have kept the spirit slim but with the comfort of leggings.


It is the sweatpants , in vogue in the 1990s, which would have returned to the taste of the day and would destabilize the reign of skinny jeans. “Classic” equipment manufacturers (Puma, Rebook, etc.) have kept a very close shape to the body, but more trendy equipment suppliers have opted for a more flared jogging shape , explains Vincent Gregorian.

More comfortable and fuller, jogging was also widely worn during confinement. Since then, this garment, perfect for the home, also seems to have found its place outside.

A Need For Amplitude Linked To The Pandemic

“After a pandemic that has forced people, then the time for resilience, there is a real need for rebirth”. For the director of foresight, this translates into a need for amplitude, daring, loose and loose clothing , hence the sudden abandonment of slim. The pandemic has only accelerated an already present trend.

But since in “fashion, you must never say never”, the slim cut has not had its last word, and will return “in another form, more dynamic”, ensures Vincent Gregorian.

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What Are Pants?

Pants are pants which are made of Denim or Dungaree. The just contrast between the two being , denim is produced using uncolored yarn and shaded in the wake of weaving though dungaree is woven utilizing pre-hued yarn. Both are produced using cotton.

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