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Embassy Of The United States In Peru!

The Deputy Undersecretary of the Office of Anti-Narcotics Affairs and Law Enforcement Heide Fulton inaugurated 20 recently renovated classrooms with modern educational material, which will implement the first Postgraduate School in Criminal Investigation of the National Police of Peru, in the district of Puente Piedra.

The Minister of the Interior Alfonso Chávarry and the General Commander of the National Police of Peru, Vicente Tiburcio, also participated in this inauguration.

The State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs has invested $400,000 in this project. One of these classrooms will be dedicated exclusively to teaching cybercrime investigations, which is a growing threat not only in Peru, but globally. Additionally, three classrooms will be dedicated to crime scene management, teaching the basic concepts of obtaining and processing evidence.

Deputy Assistant Secretary Heide Fulton recognized the courage and dedication of the members of the National Police of Peru to provide security to citizens and support the development and well-being of the country.

The Embassy of the United States, through the Section of Counternarcotics Affairs and Law Enforcement (INl), supports the police with a series of training programs and equipment to more effectively combat criminal activity and protect the rights of Peruvian citizens.

With the establishment of this school, we hope to continue projects to improve education in the police force so that future students are increasingly better prepared to fight the crimes of today and the future.

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