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Disneyland’s social media was hacked, resulting in racist and disrespectful posts.


A string of racist, homophobic and insensitive posts were published to the official Instagram account for Disneyland Resort early Thursday by what appeared to be a hacker.

The posts went live before 5 a.m. and were soon taken down, but not before many people saw or took screenshots of the posts.

“Disneyland Resort’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were compromised early this morning,” the company said in a statement. “We worked quickly to remove the reprehensible content, secure our accounts, and our security teams are conducting an investigation.”



About 4:30 a.m. Thursday, four new posts appeared on Disneyland’s Instagram account, with a caption saying the “super hacker” was taking revenge on the resort, according to screenshots shared on social media. The posts used racist and homophobic slurs, and referenced the release of another deadly strain of COVID.

The hacker also appeared to post stories on the Instagram account, which were also soon deleted.

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